Arunachal Pradesh


Ever since the foundation of Adorno Fathers in India, “A Mission” was a dream of our founding fathers. For the past 23 years, we have prayed and prepared ourselves for this new endeavour. In the last General Chapter, which was held in Rome in July 2015, unanimously approved the Mission. And Fr. Benny Madathiparambil is assigned as the Rector of the mission and Fr. Jojo Thundathil as his assistant for the task of finding a Mission Station. Therefore, they decided to move in one of the mission areas of North East.
Thus, Fr. Benny and Fr. Jojo came to Arunachal Pradesh in October 2015. At first, they served in the Diocesan parishes to learn the language, culture and to read the pulse of the people. After few months in February 2016, Fr. Robin who is the Delegation Superior with his Councillor visited the possible mission stations and submitted the report to the General Consulta in Rome for the approval of the project. Once the Consulta gave the permission, Fr. Robin talked with the Rev. Dr. George Palliparambil, Bishop of Miao and he gave us the permission and whole hearted support in this attempt and we began the evangelization works at Bhekuliang in Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh.
In the beginning of July 2016, Fr. Benny and Fr. Jojo moved to the new place. There they constructed a small school for the education of the village children and formed the Adorno Mission Community. Soon Fr. Jomon Manalel joined them to accelerate mission work. At present, we have 29 students in two classes and 3 staffs in the school.
Together with the task of intellectual enlightenment of the village children, we are also taking care of the spiritual needs of people of that village. There is a small mission station Church adjacent to our community and there are 15 families. Fathers celebrate Holy Mass in the weekends and conduct Prayer services at the houses of the parishioners. And we take part in the salvific work of Jesus through our little services to poor and needy.